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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying


Very handy ground markers - Bought these trail markers for the show ring, to mark where movable gates and fence panels are supposed to go. They get moved for different events at our dog shows, so now there are markers in the ground where they need to be put back at. Very handy, and once you pound them into the ground, it is very hard to get them out without the right tools...perfect! run2it

Hazard Free - Great for hazard free marking. Nothing dangerous sticking up. Generally survives the lawnmower as well. Larue

Great for marking property lines - As described. Does the job. I used these to mark property lines people won't trip on. Savy shopper

They were perfect for letting the lawn man - They were perfect for letting the lawn man to see where our sprinkler heads and other wires were in the grass. deep breath

Perfect for STEEL CHALLENGE - I run a Steel Challenge shooting match once a month in Alabama. I place these in the ground where the targets are placed so I don't have to measure them off every month. Works perfect for this. Mr. G

Valuable to mark underground utilities - Valuable to mark underground utilities. These markers were there many weeks later, whereas flags likely would have been removed or damaged. W. Tollett

Five Stars - We use these for marking the corners of batters boxes. Work perfectly for this application. K Hutson

Property markers - I used these to mark all the survey pins for my property. After mowing, they are barely noticeable. But now, I can find my survey stakes easy! These are well constructed aluminum stakes with plastic "hair" that is quite durable. E Russell

Perfect for batters boxes - We've been using these for several years to mark the corners of batters boxes. They don't get pulled out when the field gets prepared (if installed correctly - we actually dig a hole about 1" deep and nail the Trail Chasers in the hole). We've started using them to mark the different base distances and pitching distances as well. They really make field preparation easier.

Great Visible Yet Discrete Markers - Nice quality. Stainless clip holding durable wishers and a great big aluminum nail. I used mine at the base of survey stakes if the stakes go missing, then the markers will still be there. RnRJim