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Excavation Markers Package of 25 White

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Excavation Markers Package of 25 White

White 25 May 31 v2.jpeg
AZN Trail Chaers Group IMG_7107.jpg
White 25 May 31 v2.jpeg
AZN Trail Chaers Group IMG_7107.jpg

Excavation Markers Package of 25 White

27.95 29.95

Excavation Markers - Package includes 25 White 6 Inch Marking Whiskers with 25 Lightweight Non-Rust Aluminum Stakes in a reusable zip lock bag.

For Outside Activities

Get your field game-ready using White Trail Chasers flags.  Perfect for marking athletic field layouts by reducing the amount of time it takes to setup for chalking. Use Trail Chasers for marking temporary golf tee boxes, horse arenas and dressage areas, paintball grids and barrier layouts, temporary parking spaces on turf, outdoor event planning, shooting range stages, corner flags and more. 

For Industrial Use

White Trail Chasers have become a prime choice for pre-marking of the outer limits of the proposed excavation or marking the centerline and width of proposed lineal installations of buried facilities.

Other Uses for our Field Markers

  • Grades on construction sites

  • Athletic fields (football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey)

  • Paintball grids and barrier layouts

  • Temporary Golf Tee Box Markers

  • Horse arenas, dressage arenas

  • DMV Commercial Driver License (CDL) skills testing course

  • Stages at shooting ranges (trap, skeet, archery, rifle)

  • Temporary parking spaces on ground and turf surfaces

  • Landscaping/irrigation

Trail Chasers are Easy to Deploy, Easy to Move and Easy to Retrieve!

  • Package includes everything you need to start using immediately. No extra trips to buy nails or stakes.

  • Excavation markers blend into most ground vegetation while still being easy-to-spot

  • Whiskers spring back even when walked on or run over by ATVs or heavy equipment.

  • Rugged, durable and highly visible ground markers for short or long term use.

  • Also available in UV resistant select APWA and international code colors including blue, green, and orange.

  • Bulk Discounts are available when ordering 10 or more packages                       

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