WWT Distributors - Trail Chasers Trail Markers Made in the USA

Lawn & Garden Markers - Green 25Pk

Trail Chasers are highly durable 6 inch plastic whiskers, when combined with a lightweight spike, can be easily driven into the ground by hand or foot to mark a position.

Trail Chasers are perfect for use to mark garden layouts, planting zones, sprinkler head locations, landscaping design, and much more. Trail Chasers are also ideal for use to mark boundary lines, equipment locations, survey points and much more.

• Trail Chasers are durable and highly visible trail markers.
• Trail Chasers are easy to deploy, move, and retrieve.
• Trail Chasers blend into ground vegetation while still easy to spot.
• Whiskers spring back up when walked or run over by vehicles.

HOW TO USE => To mark your trail or survey point, simply slide one of the enclosed spikes through the custom designed bracket of a 6” Whisker®. Then fan the whiskers to spread them out to more realistically imitate natural foliage. Push or hammer the combined unit, a Trail Chaser, into the ground.

TIPS => Use another method of attachment such as a 60p galvanized nail to mount to a tree or other hard structure.

COLORS => Other color whiskers are available. Visit our online superstore at www.ShopWWTGuns.com.